Betoowell its a Portuguese Brand of Clothes and accessories for daily activities of wellbeing and leisure. Also available Decor objets and Plants.  All Available products are designed and produced by Vera Pedro 

meet Vera 

Vera Pedro is the heart and soul behind this innovative project founded in 2017. Her passion for DIY and exercise fueled her creativity and inspired her to develop solutions for common daily problems.


During a morning workout at the gym, Vera felt that the towel she was using wasn’t useful enough, not being suitable for her daily workout routine. 

She started to think what it could be the perfect towel, that could solve the common problems of a regular towel one: towel always falling on the floor: never know what is the body side or the side in contact with gym equipments: Mess up towels during a group class or even lose the towel during the workout.

After some online researches and not being able to find a suitable option for a gym towel that fitted her workout needs, she took the matter into her own hands and decided to create her own. A workout towel more hygienic that could fit most gym equipments, where she could save her cellphone and most of it, more comfortable.

our mission

Our mission is to bring practical and beautiful products to everyone’s life while ensuring they get the most out of what they love doing best.

our values


Constant pursuit for finding a simple solution where before there was a complex problem.


Seeking to minimize our carbon footprint in our processes along the value chain.


Always looking to bring new approaches, new methods and new ideas into our solutions.

Heading 1


Striving to add an extra degree of excellence into our products, no matter what.

attention & care

We put our attention and care in everything we do. We are dedicated and committed to looking for the best materials in order to guarantee the utmost quality of our products.

 long term relations & care

From the very beginning, we have been working closely with our dedicated partners in Portugal.  We visit our suppliers several times a year in order to strengthen and improve communications and ensure our products meet our high expectations. 


We also take time to build strong relationships with our agents, retailers and customers. Because we believe that only long-lasting relationships can create long-term important success.

our people

We love to get things done,

and while we care about creating products that will change the way we experience daily activities for the better, we also care about the people we work with.


We are an entrepreneurial, strong-minded and down-to-earth team with a touch of joie de vivre. We work hard but we enjoy life even more!


We believe transparency is of the utmost importance in this day and age. It is essential to work with suppliers that also believe in a transparent industry, and that take responsibility in making it happen, Being Somani, our fabric supplier certified by Oeko-tex®, confidence textiles, made in Green.

We visit our suppliers several times a year in Portugal and we create a strong relationship with them. We share these visits and special moments on our social media, so everyone can see with whom we work and what the working conditions are in these factories.


In our business we try to be aware about sustainability at all stages. As such, we developed an agreement with our partner factories, in which we will use stock surplus for production of small, exclusive collections, helping them to give a new life to their dead stock. Like this, we are able to offer variety in our range of products and reduce the environmental impact by reusing surplus production 

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Creating high quality products that can be used several times is a standard, and that is reflected in our fabric choices.

But as we want to improve ourselves even more, we decided to use only Organic Cotton, made in Knitted Terry. Knitted Terry is a funcional toweling fabric, technically advanced and with an unique production process. This Eco Friendly Quality saves water and energy by drying quicker also reduces the consumption cotton in the production process. 

Also, we designed an eco-friendly cardboard packaging, in order to avoid using any plastic in our products. Its a 3 in 1 packaging , being a package, a hang tag including instructions and no bag needed after sale.


Step by step we will implement more of these changes in the years to come and we are confident that together with our suppliers, retailers, agents and, of course, the support of our dear customers, we can make these changes happen.

Not just well, we want you to beToowell™

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