Workout towel

How many times have you struggled with carrying or keeping your phone next to you, when working out? Or having to pick up your towel from the floor over and over again? Have you ever think about all the germs and bacterias that you carrie on you towel? Well, those days are over.

The Toowell Workout towel brings a new hassle-free way of working out for all the fitness buffs  out there. Whether indoors or outdoors, for fitness or for fun.


Toowell Workout is a high-quality, hygienic and stylish knitted terry towel, that will make your training more effective and enjoyable.
The perfect solution for every workout routine!


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  • Dimensions: 110x50cm

  • Available in 7 variations, colors and acessories

  • Knitted Terry fabric: dries 3x faster than cotton

  • High durability

  • 90% Cotton

  • 10% Polyamid

  • 255 gr

beToowell WORKOUT NOW!

Your workout routine will never be the same.

A technical towel with lots of cool features

beToowell Workout is a towel with a high quality functional design, made in knitted terry, which will make workouts safer and more enjoyable.

in one

Smart fabric

with 3 layers

90% Cotton

  • Natural

  • Breathable

  • Protective barrier

  • Soft on skin

10% Polyamide

  • Resistant

  • Durable

  • Easy to dry

  • No skin contact

Fits all chairs

More hygienic with chair contact, without slipping off.

Problem solved!

The Toowell Workout stays always in place, never slipping off.


Great for your smartphone... and other valuables.

Problem Solved!

Don’t leave your belongings on the floor or chairs anymore.

Pocket with touch

Check your phone while working out

  • Answer or decline calls

  • See and send messages

  • Time your workout


Stays in place, wrap it around the gym.

Main Magnet S-20-05-R

  • Secure it around the gym

  • Wrap it around

  • Water-resistant

Problem Solved!

Don’t leave your towel on the floor.

3 magnets M-SEW-03

  • Wear your beToowell Workout

  • Fits 3 sizes: S, M, L

  • Water resistant

Two sides, more hygienic


  • Cotton fibers

  • Easy to wash

  • Resistant


  • Softer

  • Quick-dry

  • Wearable


Your music everywhere

Don’t leave your music behind!


Thanks to this earphone feed, you don’t have to.


Even more portable with a comfortable and light pouch. Keep it on you!


Don’t want to hold it? Wear it! Around your neck, waist or even in the changing room.

› Fits 3 sizes:

  S, M, L


Wrap it around, hang it or lay it on your bench. It adapts to your needs.

Problem Solved!

Adapts to your needs and gym machines, staying in place.

Washing instructions

90% Cotton

10% Polyamide

Wash with similar colors

Máx. 30˚

No need to iron, no tumble dry



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Not just a towel, it’s your workout complement!

beTooWell Workout is a sports towel designed for indoor and outdoor training that makes your workout easier and hassle-free! TooWell Workout was created having in mind the struggles active people who like to work out, exercise or enjoy sports, indoor and outdoor, often face.

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