BeToowell is the next-gen smart gym accessory brand. It is designed to make daily activities of wellbeing and leisure easier and more comfortable for all, from kids to seniors.

Meet Vera

Vera Pedro is the heart and soul behind this innovative project founded in 2017. Her passion for DIY and exercise fueled her creativity and inspired her to develop solutions for common daily problems.


During a morning workout at the gym, Vera felt that the towel she was using wasn’t useful enough, not being suitable for her daily workout routine. 

She started to think what it could be the perfect towel, that could solve the common problems of a regular towel one: towel always falling on the floor: never know what is the body side or the side in contact with gym equipments: Mess up towels during a group class or even lose the towel during the workout.


After some online researches and not being able to find a suitable option for a gym towel that fitted her workout needs, she took the matter into her own hands and decided to create her own. A workout towel more hygienic that could fit most gym equipments, where she could save her cellphone and most of it, more comfortable.

Combining this idea with 10 years of experience running online and wholesale businesses, so she designed and create the Toowell Workout, the first beToowell product: a brand that believes that for every problem there is a simple solution.


Not just well, we want you to beToowell™

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