Toowell Process

The process behind Be Toowell is based on five crucial steps.

First, Vera identifies the problem.

Most gym users use a white towel or even a bath towel on their daily workout. These towels usually keep falling on the floor, sliding from gym benches and equipment, ending up with dirt and sweat from previous users. It is the classic gym nightmare in terms of hygiene and practicality.

Then she idealises the solution.

Vera starts doing mental drawings of what can be a solution for the problem. After putting her commitment to it, she designed a functional towel that will not only solve all these problems but also improve the workout experience by adding a few more much needed features to it.


Next step is to bring to life a first draft of the product. After the design is ready, she creates the first version of the Be Toowell Workout. Later on, she takes it to the confection factory that will create the production prototype.

But nothing can happen without the customers’ input. At BeToowell we take our public very seriously. The product is then launched onto the market via a Crowdfunding platform. It is time for the customers to test it in terms of price, viability and acceptance, as well as the product itself.

The final stage in the process is making the product available.

After the product is validated, we produce limited collections that are made available on our online shop. We also work with wholesales where we develop versions of our product, especially designed to cater our customers’ needs.


We believe transparency is of the utmost importance in this day and age. It is essential to work with suppliers that also believe in a transparent industry, and that take responsibility in making it happen, Being Somani, our fabric supplier certified by Oeko-tex®, confidence textiles, made in Green.

We visit our suppliers several times a year in Portugal and we create a strong relationship with them. We share these visits and special moments on our social media, so everyone can see with whom we work and what the working conditions are in these factories.

Not just well, we want you to beToowell™

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