In our business we try to be aware about sustainability at all stages. As such, we developed an agreement with our partner factories, in which we will use stock surplus for production of small, exclusive collections, helping them to give a new life to their dead stock. Like this, we are able to offer variety in our range of products and reduce the environmental impact by reusing surplus production 

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Creating high quality products that can be used several times is a standard, and that is reflected in our fabric choices.

But as we want to improve ourselves even more, we decided to use only Organic Cotton, made in Knitted Terry. Knitted Terry is a funcional toweling fabric, technically advanced and with an unique production process. This Eco Friendly Quality saves water and energy by drying quicker also reduces the consumption cotton in the production process. 

Knitted Terry - Somani.jpg

Also, we designed an eco-friendly cardboard packaging, in order to avoid using any plastic in our products. Its a 3 in 1 packaging , being a package, a hang tag including instructions and no bag needed after sale.


Step by step we will implement more of these changes in the years to come and we are confident that together with our suppliers, retailers, agents and, of course, the support of our dear customers, we can make these changes happen.

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