It all started in 2017 when Vera developed her own towel to use while working out. Being such a great help, Vera decided to turn it into a business as she figured there wasn’t any towel like this one in the market.


Determined to show her creation, she entered a European Commission entrepreneurship contest, “Elevator Pitch – IdeiasQueMarcam”. Vera’s project made it to the last 16 finalists on this innovation program, designed to support entrepreneurial minds. 


And with a leap of faith, this is was the moment when beToowell went from an idea to a business, backed by a strong business plan validated by European Commission mentors and jurors. beToowell as a business started taking shape.


During this year, Vera did her research and started developing marketing ideas. But the real challenge was to find production in Portugal.

Finally, after much resilience she find her partners “Lutex, design textil “ and “Somani” located in the north of Portugal. With their help she created the first production prototypes. Toowell Workout became a reality!


After all the struggle, and dealing with some personal problems, Vera almost gave up her dream. But it wasn’t meant to happen just yet.

On an unexpected day, during an unexpected conversation, Vera met a Business Angel, that after analyzing and knowing her goal decided to help her turn her dream, her idea and her prototype into a reality. 


Stabilised in Delaware, Toowell LLC is a property of an American Group of companies, presenting it self to the world as beToowell, an international registered brand. It took a lot spirit, courage and heart. But it was worth it. Toowell Workout will be available on the online market during 2020.

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